Transformational Life Coaching

Find your path in life

Do you have?

♢ Stress
♢ Anxiety
♢ Depression
♢ Negative self-image
♢ Negative attitude
♢ Habits that are holding you back?

Do you feel?

♢ Stuck in a rut?
♢ Like every day is on repeat?
♢ Struggling to find motivation?
♢ Energy has gone?
♢ Health is getting worse?
♢ Negativity is taking over?
♢ Serious procrastination?

Through my experience as a Coach, I found that with understanding “Your Human Journey” people were able to naturally move forward in their lives - creating the life they wanted with confidence, courage and charisma.

The framework helps by

♢ Making meaning of situations and interactions
♢ Translating a confusing world and experiences to make sense from your perspective
♢ Understanding your uniqueness and appreciating your quirkiness
♢ Creates Self-understanding and confidence
♢ Listening to and using your emotions to guide you
♢ Removing beliefs and blocks that are holding you back
♢ Gives life meaning and purpose

The way I often describe the process is like a game. When people first approach me, they are normally stuck on a level and going through the same things - round and around - the game level they can’t get past.

How the game theory works:

♢ Perfecting each level, enables progress to the next level – as you would do on any computer or PS3 game.
♢ With each level you gain achievement, more power, tools, confidence and understanding that helps with the next level.
♢ You become an expert in the game – Resilience.

Unique formula

Find your path in life

We are each such individual beings. If you imagine at the point of your creation, the fusion of many parts through our cosmos that combine to form you. With such a magnificent creation, how could one size fit all?

∴ The formula == Your needs + requirements + direction == Unique Path

Transformational – empowers you in your life
Coaching – guiding your direction, accountability and growth
Counselling – really listening to what you are saying

Transformational Coaching is like learning a new language.

No one gives us a manual on life when we are born, and we don’t ever tend to understand who we are or how we tick.
The new language you learn is then the language of you.
The best way to understand the world around you is to understand you, through the eyes that see the world.

Such as with learning a new language, the more you practise the new skills, the more efficient you will become.

With understanding, so many things in your life begin to make sense. The more the world makes sense, the easier it becomes.

Like a game, the better you know the game, the more efficient you are at it.

Here is where you reach the point where you wake in the morning and go;

"YES! I look forward to what today brings me."

Sage Ladybird

sage ladybird

Sage -

First, you have knowledge. Then through experience, insight and understanding, knowledge translates into wisdom.

Ladybird -

A Ladybird removed bugs and pests that are taking over the plant and weighing it down, stunting its growth.

∴ Sage Ladybird

Through wisdom, I help you remove your pests and bugs so you can grow into your best version.

The wisdom I have, I pass onto you,
for your journey,
then your knowledge also moves to wisdom,
then you too can pass it forward.

"To attain knowledge, add things every day to attain wisdom, remove things every day"
Lao Tzu

Meet me

Cheeky Gem

Zoom – Meet online from the comfort of your home.

Coffee shop/ pub – social relaxing space to chat.

Walk & talk – natural space to enjoy and open up in. This is a good option if you are shy or have difficulty talking.

I am quite known for my calming voice and presence. Clients often tell me that my sessions are easy and that it often feels like ‘just’ chatting with a friend. Some even say, are you sure you are a psychologist? I say “Yes, of course, just an eccentric one!”

Some old, but even newer clients contact me and say “Gem, I need a chat”. These I call the brainstorming sessions. Sometimes you just need good brainstorming to look at the situation differently to be able to move forward.

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