Rule your mind or it will rule you

rule your mind

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.” Horace

In my assignment this week for my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) I was asked to discuss the types of learning and why we must be aware of what we are learning. The type of learning they were referring to was what I have previously discussed being Classical, Operant and Social learning. This got me thinking about different aspects namely learning and the mind ruling you.

There are many things we learn consciously, like how to drive, how to do maths, how to act at work, but what about the learning we pick up without awareness?

The first thing that came to mind is using alcohol. The way our environment influences what we learn and how we behave. Many behaviours start as taboo, then becomes a fashion or trend. The problem with this is what Louis Theroux found in his series “Twilight of the Porn stars” was that the more outrageous, the more it became normal, and the more outrageous they had to do, to keep the audience. We can use this finding in all areas of life, how people express, how people present themselves, and what is the norm.

How many people use alcohol to soothe the mind, to boost confidence, to unwind, to forget, to numb, how many excessively use alcohol, or drugs, or combined? I learnt this week, that people also use porn to escape, or porn and drugs. Is this a learnt behaviour?

If we are upset, do we talk about it confidently with someone we trust, and make sense of it, or do we disguise it and put it to the back of our mind. If this is truly possible?

The other side I have seen, is talking to the wrong people. This means talking to someone who doesn’t understand, or is not quite sure how to respond. A good example I can use is, if someone is stressed, and approaches you all angry and hacking off, how do you respond? Do you feed the fury and emotions, or do you offer a supportive ear, and let them only release their emotions?

We all have times when our mind takes over our life, and we act out of character. I personally have had situations where my mind has taken control of me. However, when I realised what was happening, I took control back, and I didn’t let it topple.

The lesson I would like to share is, we are WHO we are. We are not a result of WHAT we are. Be proud of who you are, the person you have grown to become. Know your boundaries, know your values, if you are sad, or angry, talk about it, make sense of it. There is a reason why you are feeling that way, explore it.

If you feel you are losing your mind, don’t feed it, control it, and become stronger.

It is not easy, but it is possible


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