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How many times have I heard this? It does not make sense to me; I thank my angels every day. At least I call them angels, but really they are anyone or anything that I have seen a great kindness from.

I will give an example of something that happened to me just recently. I received a traffic fine for not wearing my seatbelt. To pay the fine, I had to drive to the nearest town. I live in a small village. At this time, they were having strikes and violence in the town centre, where I had to go to the traffic centre. I didn’t know what dates they would be striking, but was determined to pay my fine and get it done before the court date. So I prepared myself and drove to the town centre to pay my fine, feeling quite nervous and anxious. I found parking and walked to the court where I had to pay my fine.

I was at the security check, when a lady came in and said “the rioters are at the other end of the main street, on their way in this direction”. I said to the lady and the security guard, “blimey, well I better get in and out here quickly”. The lady kindly offered to show me where to go and what I had to do, taking time out of her schedule and leading me. I was quick as a Jiff paying my fine. I was very thankful for the angel on that day.

I never get what I want? This is quite a funny one because sometimes a person will want a day off work, but then do not appreciate that they get a calm more relaxing day at work instead. Or perhaps someone wants a sunny day, but instead receives a call from a person they have not spoken to for a while and it makes them happy. Focussing too much on what you want, means you miss the special things you actually get.

No point being kind, people are horrible? The main question here, is, are people being THEIR kind or YOUR kind? Is your kindness in giving objects? Is your kindness in offering a smile and friendly chat? Will you offer to push a trolley of someone who is struggling or offer a seat to an elderly person with a walking frame? Your kindness is characteristic of who you are. You cannot expect another to display kindness in the same way as you do.

What does this story tell us? It says that if we focus too directly on what we want, whether it be an object or kindness, we will miss all the beautiful things that we do receive, which can be even better than what we wanted.

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