"Live sober and live free. It's gonna be hard and scary and brutal, but if you just hold on, you'll be okay. Just hold on"
James Frey

I think this quote is valid for everyone not only recovering addicts. We all have times in our life when it is hard and scary and feels brutal, but we need to just hold on, keep moving and we’ll get through it.

A good friend of mine told me, when he is not motivated for a project he is working on for computer programming, he does all the boring basic things, and then eventually his motivation is lifted as he gets a feeling of accomplishment and then has the confidence and motivation to proceed with the more challenging parts.

I think this is valid in our everyday life, when we reach that point of being unmotivated, start with the simpler things, it will keep you moving, and then as your motivation and confidence lifts, you can proceed with the more challenging feats.

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