3 motivations for goals

Do you have a list of things to complete, but not finding enough time to do it all?

Did you know, that if you are constantly too busy, you don't achieve as much as when you at just doing?

Do you have cooking, cleaning, children, animals, work, studies but not getting it all done?

Have you ever tried to make something creative, write a poem or a story, anything that requires concentration and thought, when you have a butterfly brain or busy brain? It's impossible because your brain is not present in the moment to focus.

The key here is to come into the here and now. When you are not present, it is not easy to focus on task completion and organising. Mindfulness and Deep breathing are excellent ways to calm the mind, but ultimately you need to take control and organise your brain.

I have a few exercises that can help to bring awareness and organising the brain.

First 3 weeks
At the end of every day, write 3 lists

  • tasks started and completed
  • tasks completed that were started another day
  • tasks that were started but not completed

This brings awareness to what is going on in the day, what needs to be done and how much you are able to do. This step is in affect laying out all the puzzle pieces on the table.

The next 3 weeks

  • in the morning list the items you would like to complete today
  • in the evening, Mark off items completed, and also the items not completed with a percentage estimate
  • the following day, start with yesterday's items not completed, then add new ones to complete
  • at the end of the week review your lists to see how you can learn and optimise them for the following week and get more done in the list of the day
  • completed these steps for 3 weeks

This is now putting the puzzle pieces into place, building the picture, bringing your mind into the here and now and organising your butterfly brain.

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