rule your mind

We are often thrust into situations where we must compose our self quite promptly, and effectively handle whatever comes forward.

I don’t know about you, but I have had situations where I have said to myself, “why did I do or say that?”

There are many reasons why we behave in certain manners, it could be feelings, emotions, relational (friends, family or partners), or even your natural traits.

Let’s see how you would handle the following


If I were to tell you when I go into the bathroom to clean my teeth, I pick up my toothbrush, and then have a battle in my mind to pick up and use toothpaste rather than the driven urge to push the hand-wash pump onto my toothbrush?


Would you?

  • Nervously giggle and look the other way
  • Promptly change the subject
  • Say you know, and tell your story
  • Really, that’s interesting, tell me more?

If you were the person who told the story, and the listener did one of the above mentioned, would you?

  • See the funny side, and have a giggle
  • Feel hurt that the other person didn’t care
  • Angry that they didn’t care for your story but took over with their story
  • Not worry about it

Would you consider any of the above-mentioned examples as right or wrong?

Are any of them something you would have done or said?

What was the outcome of the situation or other situations?

How could it have been different

There is no right way or wrong way, but understanding how you react, benefits the reactions or behaviour that follows.

Let’s use an example.

If someone comes to me in an emotional whirlwind, I naturally freeze and may say something quite stupid.

Now that I know how I handle these sorts of situations~


Have grown in how I handle future similar situations


I am improving all the time, and perhaps I may still freeze, but I don’t put my foot in my mouth (expression for saying the wrong thing)


I have explored why I behave in such a manner, and although I can’t change who I am, I can help the other person understand, maybe have a laugh at my foot in my mouth, and I can also address the situation in a more positive manner.

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