dream - challenge

Last night I had a dream and I thought it was quite inspirational.

The first part I remember, I was standing on the top of a very high mountain verge. Then someone said to me “come”, and they went over the verge and disappeared. I shouted with fear, “I can’t go down that way, can’t I go down the other path that I am used to”, followed by “I have my flip-flops on”. I was feeling really really scared. Then it was like someone or thing pushed or pulled me, and I was forced to go down the rocky, uneven mountain. I was feeling quite petrified at this point, and obviously doubting that I will make it. Then I geared, as if a gear changed in me, and I embraced the challenge, I flipped off my flop-flop shoes, and tackled the mountain. Then I was balancing on a small protruding piece of land off the mountain side, and proceeding down, the rest I can’t remember. But I did wake in a positive mood, as if I had done it. I had completed the challenge.

This dream has relevance in my current situation, but I think there are many of us that face challenges, or are forced to do something we are scared of. I know as much as the next person how hard and scary it is. I also know, at the other side, there is such a great feeling, such an uplifting emotion, it’s like your whole-body sings with pride.

There are many reasons why we avoid challenges or change. Do NOT let them hold you back, feel scared, feel (positively) anxious and JUST DO IT!.

Remember thinking too much will only make the bad worse, and the good disappear.

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