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My story


People ask me what qualifies me for being a life coach and counsellor, I wonder do they want the intellectual story or the personal journey?

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I am facing a life journey, that has both challenged me and helped me grow. Looking at the person I was 10, 5 or 2 years ago, I wonder who is this person, I cannot believe the distance I have come.

My story begins when I asked, who am I? It actually started with a life development personal journey essay when I was studying my masters in applied psychology. I had to write my story alongside the phases and stages of life development. I had no idea where to begin the story. I have lost my memory of youth after a scooter accident that resulted in a brain trauma. How do I start with memory I didn't have? I did manage to complete my assignment using the development I had after my accident. This opened my eyes to the steps I had taken to get where I was at that time in my life, 12 years after my accident. But also how important memory and events are in understanding who you are.

The second big lesson I had in life was following a second trauma I had. This really tested who I am. My ability to face fears and how to handle myself when I was not myself, following the triggers sustained from PTSD. I also learnt about emotions, how they can boil up inside you so strong, it can make your whole body vibrate. The way that I had to compose myself after an outburst of a memory trigger I could not control. Standing in a queue in the shop shouting at someone you don’t know, to get away, stay away, while everyone is looking at you stark eyed. When your whole body turns to jelly by a sound, and then your energy is suddenly sapped away and you collapse.

Luckily, I have a good sense of humour and now I can laugh about the crazy instances I've had for example during a panic attack when I was driving home, I got out the car to open the gate, and didn't put the handbrake on. Only to turn around to a runaway car? I had to, in a state of jelly try and get my car back?

An inspiration I gained, was from my trauma psychologist who told me that if I were to give an inspirational talk - this was in the middle of my trauma counselling - he said I should centre it around Winston Churchill saying "when you are going through hell, keep walking", because the whole time, that is what you have done, you have achieved so much and been so brave, and all the time you just kept walking.

It is these lessons in life, where I have learnt to keep going, keep learning and keep trying, no matter what, just don't give up, that I would like to give to other people, in their times of life when they need to keep going and never give up.

These are some of the lessons I have learnt that qualifies me to help you.



Where do I begin? Well, I'm a soft person, a deep thinker, a curious mind. This of course doesn't mean that I have had a boring life, quite the contrary, I've got many funny tales, of adverntures I've had, mad situations I've found myself in, surprising outcomes that have arisen. Along my journey I have also learnt about my spirituality, learnt about my intuition, and that I can have great conversations with the wildlife. Í am quite down to earth and have a good sense of humour.