“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”
Dr Roopleen

Counselling is giving guidance and support through a difficult situation, life event, stress, difficulties, relationships, or through emotions.

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When we think of counselling, we often think of the general idea that you sit or lay in a room and talk about all your troubles.

I disagree with this method, because if you talk about negative, you will become or stay negative.
How does that help you?

If you are in a negative place, it is like you are sitting in a thick fog, can you see a way out of this picture?

What makes me different?

When a person requires counselling from me, I will listen to what they are saying and understand them as an individual.

In the beginning, we are just two persons building understanding and trust, for some it happens quickly, for some it will take a bit longer.
Think of it this way, if you want me to help you, I need you to be 100% honest and open with me. I will not judge anything you say, or find it weird, or anything else. What I always say to my clients is, - say it as it is - I understand, this means you have my permission to be quite frank.

It is here that the fun begins. Now we can have free conversations about life, love, and all the rest of it. We talk about things that are bothering you, or causing you discomfort, and I offer insight and understanding, so the situation makes sense.

I am a natural teacher, and I have learnt that I can give a real insight into life, which means I help you to understand your life from your eyes

Let me use a very basic examples:

example one

"I was walking through town today, and my dear friend passed me in the street, and did not acknowledge me, I felt so hurt, I thought we were best friends?"
-- through understanding we found that the friend is still a true friend, but at that particular moment something was happening that took all of the friends focus, and she did not see you, if she had seen you, she would have been so pleased, because you were just the person she needed at that time.

example 2

"I knew what was going to happen, and I tried to prevent it, but they weren't listening to me?"
-- through understanding we found out that the situation was inevitable, it couldn't have been stoped, prevented, or erased, but the emotional attachement to the situation did influence the impact of the situation towards the individual, lets have a look at what that means to you.

Sometimes in life we dont see the whole picture and we dont understand how it all fits together.

Some of the comments from my counselling sessions

I am proud to say I get the following comments from my counselling sessions
* "I really look forward to our sessions, I always feel so good" (anonymous- few different people)
* "at our sessions I use more of my brain than I do the whole week" (anonymous- few different people)
* "I feel so positive when I leave our session" (anonymous)
* "how do you learn this stuff? I would never have been able to figure that out myself, brilliant!!" (anonymous)

My motto is - lets clear the fog and get through this

Dont Stop Keep Going --> forward and grow

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